piraeus bank group

Human Resources

Commitment to Safeguarding Human Rights

Piraeus Bank has adopted the principles of the UN Global Compact and the Declaration of Human Rights. We apply equal opportunity principles to all our actions and we are opposed to any form of discrimination, inequality or human rights violation while, at the same time, we recognize and promote diversity. In addition, all of the Bank’s policies, procedures and human resource management practices are governed by respect for human rights.

The Piraeus Bank Group is opposed to:
  • any form of distinction
  • any form of unequal treatment
  • any form of bullying or mobbing behavior
  • any form of violation of human rights

Aiming to sensitize all employees of the Group, regarding human rights, Piraeus Bank Group provides the “Human Rights” e-learning training program, which is available to all Group employees and executives in Greece and abroad.

Piraeus Bank Group, in order to strengthen communication with all employees on human rights issues:
  • has developed a human rights policy & procedure for complaints, regarding the safeguarding of human rights, which is reviewed at regular intervals, based on the developments in the legal framework
  • has implemented different communication channels including Intranet, through which employees can raise issues of concern to them regarding human rights in the workplace and receive guidance by the specialized partners

Promoting Equal Opportunities for Career Development

Piraeus Bank applies an equal opportunities policy with clear orientation towards effectively and continuously developing its people. It offers opportunities to new managers to develop and get promoted, hierarchically covering positions that arise mainly from retirement. The same policy is applied to Group subsidiaries abroad.


Piraeus Bank Group ensures that its people continually enhance their skills and dynamics by means of specialized programs and employment opportunities thus securing and promoting their employability.

Through rotation programs, the Bank ensures the facilitation of its people reassignments according to company needs while at the same time strengthening their comprehensive understanding of the financial sector.


Piraeus Bank Group, recognizing the important contribution and impact of every employee in the promotion of social well-being and the support of vulnerable social groups through volunteer work, has established volunteerism in PBG as one of the main focus areas of Social Responsibility.

Our goal is, through volunteerism in the workplace, to enhance the Group’s vision, by encouraging our employees to actively participate in volunteer actions, thus contributing to the social well-being. We also aim to involve our employees in the process of identifying social needs and developing subsequent volunteer actions.

Piraeus Bank Group has recognized the importance of encouragement towards voluntarism, as part of its Social Responsibility Strategy.

In this context, every year organized actions are taken place, based in 6 distinctive axes:
  • contribution to society
  • empowerment of youth entrepreneurship
  • protection of the environment
  • promotion of "fair play".
  • blood Donation
  • raise of cultural awareness

Volunteering Statement

In the framework of Piraeus Bank Group’s Corporate Responsibility, we pursue sustainable growth by investing systematically in Society, Culture and Environment.

In particular, acknowledging the importance of sustainable development for Society, we aim to create added value for our customers, employees, shareholders, local communities and the environment, by promoting the values of volunteerism with the participation of employees as well as the members of their families.

Acting with responsibility and aiming to contribute to material issues and needs of Society, we support the work of specialized NGOs with reference to the axes of vulnerable groups’ support, promotion of youth entrepreneurship, environmental protection and cultural awareness, by utilizing the voluntary contribution of our employees.

Furthermore, the voluntary actions carried out by the Group are related to the needs of local communities (through the network presence and action of the Group) and the interests of the volunteers themselves (through interests’ surveys).

Through dialogue with stakeholders and access to open information regarding voluntary activities, volunteers choose to contribute to substantial projects related to specific needs and have a significant impact on the lives of our fellow human beings.

In the context of transparency, Corporate Responsibility Report communicates on a yearly basis, both the purpose and the effect of the voluntary actions on Society.

Piraeus Bank has incorporated the design and the implementation of voluntary actions in the practices of the Group Human Resources, in collaboration with the Environment Unit and the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.

"I care, I participate, I act voluntarily in initiatives that make a difference for Society, Culture and Environment" is the message that permeates volunteerism in Piraeus Bank Group.