piraeus bank group

Human Resources

Commitment to Safeguarding Human Rights

Piraeus Bank has adopted the principles of the UN Global Compact and Declaration of Human Rights. It applies equal opportunity principles to all its actions and is opposed to any form of discrimination, inequality or human rights violation as it recognizes and promotes individuality. All the Bank’s policies, procedures and human resource management practices are governed by respect for human rights. Aiming to raise awareness of the entire Group’s human resources regarding human rights by means of systematic training, Piraeus Bank provides:

  • The e-learning training program entitled " Human Rights in Piraeus Bank Group” which is available to all Group employees in Greece and abroad.
  • A separate course in the curriculum of the Management Academy The study material of these courses is based on the six fundamental principles of human rights according to the UN Global Compact and ILO Conventions: Forced Labour, Child Labour, Equal Opportunities, Collective Bargaining, Health and Safety at Work, and Working Conditions.
In addition to the above, Piraeus Bank, aiming to strengthen communication with all employees on human rights issues:

  • has created a specific contact point within the internet (intranet), where employees can highlight issues that concern them and receive guidance from qualified partners.
  • Has developed a process for complaints regarding the safeguarding of human rights.

Promoting Equal Opportunities for Career Development

Piraeus Bank applies an equal opportunities policy with clear orientation towards effectively and continuously developing its people. It offers opportunities to new managers to develop and get promoted, hierarchically covering positions that arise mainly from retirement. The same policy is applied to Group subsidiaries abroad.


Piraeus Bank Group ensures that its people continually enhance their skills and dynamics by means of specialized programs and employment opportunities thus securing and promoting their employability.

Through rotation programs, the Bank ensures the facilitation of its people reassignments according to company needs while at the same time strengthening their comprehensive understanding of the financial sector.


Offering society through volunteerism is more of a moral duty to us than an obligation.

Piraeus Bank Group encourages the participation of its employees and the wider public in volunteer actions regarding society, environment and culture. Volunteerism is implemented through specific programs designed by the Group. Employees’ volunteerism broadens the Piraeus Bank Group’s vision towards the accomplishment of sustainable growth thus ensuring a better future for the generations to come. Specifically, volunteerism actions implemented through Piraeus Bank Group’s employees contribution put special emphasis on:

  • support of weak and disadvantaged social groups,
  • enhancement of the institution of family,
  • protection of children,
  • protection of environment
  • promotion of youth entrepreneurship.
Piraeus Bank Group employees’ volunteerism motive derives from a sense of social solidarity and altruism.