piraeus bank group


Awards & Distinctions

Successive awards from Deutsche Bank: «2008 EUR & USD STP Excellence Awards» in 2009 & «2009 EUR & USD STP Excellence Awards» in 2010.
In 2009, JP Morgan awarded Piraeus Bank the “JP Morgan Elite Quality Recognition Award” for the quality and automation of payments in U.S. dollars (99.7%).
1st Award for "Green IT Initiative by a Financial Institution" for actions highlighting the Green Banking philosophy, in "2010 Banking Technology Awards".
Piraeus Bank was awarded the "Social Sensitivity Award 2009", for being the Greek company with greater social sensitivity, in a special ACCI event.
Piraeus Bank received the "Thales" award, the highest award for CSR businesses, in the “CEO & CSR Money Conference 2010”. Organizers: Ethos Media SA & EuroCharity.
In the “BRAVO” Social Reporting Awards of the Quality Net Foundation, we received the first prize for "Best Approach substantive issues" and for "Best Report on Environmental Performance".
2009: Gold Distinction in the !st National Responsibility Index & Special Reward for PIOP’s cultural actions. 2010: Gold Distinction & Special Reward for our environmental work.