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ATE Insurance

ATE Insurance was founded in 1980 under the name ‘AGROTIKI INSURANCE SA Hellenic General Insurance Company’ with the Agricultural Bank of Greece as its main shareholder, and until its entering in the Athens Stock Exchange in 1999, Agricultural Cooperative Organisations of every degree participated with small percentages. 

Its establishment was the result of the separation of insurance business from the banking business which until then was conducted by ATEbank.

In August 2005 after the redesign of the corporate profile of ATEbank and of its Group companies, Agrotiki Insurance acquired its new brand name: ATE Insurance.

Today the company is a member of Piraeus Bank Group, to which it was transferred simultaneously with the healthy part of ATEbank, which was acquired by the Piraeus Bank Group on the 27.07.2012.

ATE Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies of the country with a business philosophy that is focused on Man.

This philosophy which is included in the slogan phrase ‘Close to you whatever happens’, is expressed with the provision of innovative insurance products and specially designed programmes, that constitute ATE Insurance as the company with the more specialised insurance covers.

We continue while caring for your everyday and your future insurance needs, with a dedication to pioneering insurance products and specialisation to insurance covers.

ATE Insurance has developed one of the largest sales networks in the country and promptly caters to every insurance need.