piraeus bank group


History of the Group

The First Years
1992 - 1999
Development and creation
of "critical mass"
2000 - 2003
Integration of procedures
and of informational systems
2004 - 2008
Strong Domestic
Presence International
2009 - 2011
Confronting the
economic crisis
2012 - 2014
Safeguarding the
Group’s Balance Sheet
Capital Enhancement
Recent Developments
Merger by absorption of Macedonia-Thrace Bank and XiosBank with Piraeus Bank.
Creation of the integrated e-banking platform, winbank.
Acquisition of 58% of ETBAbank.
Strategic partnership with ING on activities in the field of bancassurance.
Merger by absorption of ETBAbank by Piraeus Bank and ΕΤΒΑ Leasing by Piraeus Leasing.