piraeus bank group


History of the Group

The First Years
1992 - 1999
Development and creation
of "critical mass"
2000 - 2003
Integration of procedures
and of informational systems
2004 - 2008
Strong Domestic
Presence International
2009 - 2011
Confronting the
economic crisis
2012 - 2014
Safeguarding the
Group’s Balance Sheet
Capital Enhancement
Recent Developments
Acquisition of Interbank NY by the Group's subsidiary Marathon Banking Corporation in New York and merger by absorption by Marathon Bank.
Merger by absorption of Devletoglou Securities SA by Sigma Securities SA (now Piraeus Securities SA).
Acquisition of a) Eurobank in Bulgaria (renamed as Piraeus Bank Bulgaria), b) Atlas Banka in Serbia (now Piraeus Bank Beograd) and Egyptian Commercial Bank in Egypt (now Piraeus Bank Egypt).
Acquisition of the operating leasing company AVIS SA in Greece, Iinternational Commerce Bank in Ukraine (now Piraeus Bank ICB) and purchase agreement for the local branch network of Arab Bank in Cyprus.
Renew of exclusive agreement with ING in the field of life bancassurance for 10 years.
Completion of the €1.3 bn share capital increase.
Establishment of Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Ltd.