piraeus bank group

Work Environment

We provide a safe, modern and ergonomic work environment for our people. In addition, we give them the opportunity to be trained in a systemic way in order to deal effectively with everyday health and safety issues and receive first aid seminars.

Contemporary working environment

The workplaces combine the high aesthetic quality of modern design, incorporating ergonomic specifications, for the safety & health of our people.

Actions ensuring Health within workplace

Certified medical centers operate in central headquarters in Athens and Thessaloniki, staffed with doctors and specialized nurses.

Moreover, we organize educational programs promoting health and wellness for the Group’s human resources, emphasizing on the employees’ active participation towards managing well being health issues.

To be well prepared for cases of emergency, is an equally important part for ensuring the health & safety in the workplace. For this purpose, we train members of our workforce on safe building evacuation, on annual basis, by attending the relevant e-learning course.