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Volunteerism: sharing the experience

"In the last years I have come to realize that volunteerism is more than charity. It is an attitude to life that requires continuance and consistency not only in the action itself but in ourselves as well.

Its aim is to overcome a difficulty while also creating the right conditions that prevent it from arising again.

With this in mind, I participate individually and with colleagues in various initiatives: cleaning beaches, collecting medicines for NPO’s, offering food and clothing to the homeless, office equipment to schools with students with disabilities, offering toys and organizing educational visits to children of underprivileged families…

it does not require a lot of free time or money.

What it does require, though, is that each of us finds a way to offer, having realized that our actions affect the people and the environment around us. What is a challenge for me is how knowledge, sensitivity and attitude can “unlock” souls and “create” smiles, can make a city beautiful… "

Konstantina Hadjina

 HR Manager, AVIS