piraeus bank group
IN 2013


Our people are our identity - the face our customers and partners see.

Our human resources constitute the motivating force of growth and success in each goal we set.

Through the manpower planning we attempt to define the specific needs in human resources and the adequate staffing of the Group with the most qualitative way (skills, abilities, knowledge, work experience, teamwork, strategic orientation, etc)

Our main goal is the objective evaluation and selection of our people, according to business needs and criteria required by their role, while giving emphasis to align their professional values with the Values and Vision of our Group.

We take care to ensure the confidentiality and privacy for all candidates. We trust our people and give priority to staffing both within the Bank and its internal and external subsidiaries.


We seek people who share Piraeus Bank Group’s Vision and Values. We select people in whom we see the ability to develop and significantly contribute to the Group’s growth path.

In Piraeus Bank Group, we rate as successful the selection of candidates, characterized by team spirit, initiative, respect, great sense of responsibility, ethos and professionalism. Each selection is based on principles of equal opportunities regardless of sex, race, age, religion, color, nationality, sexual orientation or physical ability.

Internal Staffing

Our primary objective is to cover our staffing needs through internal reassignments of human resources. By this way, we:

  • ensure the development of our human resources that have the skills to undertake in mid-term period senior roles.
  • provide incentives for development and career development to all our people, based on the design of specific individual development plans.
  • encourage the institution of international assignees, by relocating our people to Group’s subsidiaries abroad, so as to meet the best coverage of staffing needs by experienced and capable employees.


Our strategic choice is to financially strengthen the local communities, where we develop our activities.

Consequently, we place particular emphasis on locality for staffing of the Branch network. This policy allows us to better understand and serve the local needs thus contributing to the accomplishment of the Group’s goals.

At the same time, we monitor the market news and the trends in staffing issues, in order to consistently improve our expertise.

Selection Process

We openly communicate career opportunities that arise within the Group. For each hiring transparent assessment procedures are followed. Each process is differentiated according to the level of the position and its requirements in specialized knowledge and professional experience, and may include:

  • interviews,
  • aptitude tests,
  • professional conduct tests,
  • automated psychometric tests,
  • other specialized evaluation procedures.

In order to apply single objective criteria, we invest in specialized tools. We continue to evaluate our people throughout their career within the Group with similar modern methods.