piraeus bank group


Charikleia A. Apalagaki


1959 in Heraklion, Crete


Undergraduate: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School. Graduated with honors in 1981

Postgraduate: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School (Civil Procedure Law Division). Graduated with honors in 1983 and German Law School 1985 (research courses)

Doctoral: PhD in Civil Procedure Law at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School 1989.

Foreign Languages:

Fluent in German and English. Working knowledge of Italian

Professional experience:

Lawyer, Member of the Thessaloniki Bar Association since 1984

Faculty Member of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (including scientific partner) since 1982

Promoted to full time Professor in April 2004

Important Positions:

Piraeus Bank Group since 2001 holding the following positions:

  • August 2001 – 2004: Management Consultant in Legal Issues
  • January 2004 – April 2006: Piraeus Bank Chief Legal Counsel. Assigned to the most important cases of the Bank
  • April 2006 – November 2013: Non – Executive Member of the Piraeus Bank Board of Directors, member of the Audit Committee. Assigned supervision of Trials Division. Chairperson of Piraeus Bank’s Legal Council
  • November 2013 - Today: Executive Member of the Piraeus Bank Board of Directors (Executive Consultant)
  • Assigned supervision of six (6) Legal Divisions of the Bank, extending to the entire Group Legal (corporate governance, main services, collections, branch network legal operations). Number of supervised lawyers: 290
  • Restructuring of Legal Operations based on the principle of centralized banking operations and securing internal and independent legal servicing of all banking sectors
  • Legal support to the Bank’s Credit Committee
  • Training, integration and utilization of the lawyers of all merged Banks or banking operations (ATE, GENIKI, MILLENNIUM, CPB, CYPRUS, HELLENIC)
  • Processing of all necessary operations to incorporate the legal operations of all merged Banks to Piraeus Bank’s network
  • On 07.05.2015 assigned supervision of Group Compliance
  • Close supervision or direct involvement in all important legal affairs of the Bank ( member of the Supervision Committee for the Recovery Unit, e.g capital controls)

Member of the Hellenic Bank Association’s Legal Council: processing of upcoming legislation, opinions on the treatment of a broad number of issues in the Banking sector

Legislative Drafting Experience:

2008-2009 and 2012-2014: Member of two Ministry of Justice Committees on the modifications of the Code of Civil Procedure, voted into Law 4334/2015.

2012: Submission before the Ankara (Turkey) Ministry of Justice on the merits of introducing mediation in the management of natural persons bankruptcy petitions.

2014-2015: Rapporteur on the Ministry of Finance Committee (State General Accounting Office) on the introduction of the order of payment in Administrative Procedure.

Vice President of the ADR (alternative Disputes Resolution) Committee Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry

National School of Judges

Tutor at the National School of Judges since 1995

Fields of Expertise

Civil Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, European Financial Law and Criminal Law (Financial Offences).

Specialization includes both knowledge of all administrative and organizational aspects of each field and litigation before all courts with emphasis on the three Supreme Courts since 1992 (Areios Pagos, Council of State and Tribunal for Mistrials)