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Renewed Winbank web page

Winbank, the electronic banking service of Piraeus Bank, has renewed its web site at www.winbank.gr
The visitor can easily and swiftly find all the required information about winbank services and products, as well as get responses to any queries about electronic banking services. The content of the site has been updated with new and illustrative material, while the new menu is an excellent example of convenience and ease of use. For the new configuration of the web site, advantage was taken of both winbank's know-how and experience and the proposals and recommendations made by its 100,000 customers.

Via www.winbank.gr winbank customers can be connected to the winbank internet service, where they can perform on-line all their banking and stock-exchange transactions.

The new www.winbank.gr features options which facilitate users, such FAQ, quick Links to websites of particular interest, site map, a special section called “Hints & Τips” providing information about the use of the services, as well as “Success Stories” of Piraeus Bank customers who find electronic banking highly useful.

The www.winbank.gr site is simply limited to the role of winbank internet portal; it is enriched with a multitude of additional facilities. The user can find specialised terminology in the e-banking glossary. Moreover, there is access to the winbank Shopping Center, where there are presentations and profiles of the merchants who work with winbank for secure electronic purchases and sales, as well as to Piraeus Bank Business Center, where there is interesting information material for small- and medium-sized enterprises and independent businessmen. 

What is particularly useful is the winbank's Organizer, a customised financial tool through which any site visitor, regardless of whether they are winbank customer, can monitor their personal portfolio and stock exchange indices. It also includes a cash-flow calculator, and features reminders, which can be set by the customer.