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winbank internet and winbank mobile services rated at the top

winbank internet and winbank mobile services were rated at the top in an evaluation performed by PC WORLD, a Greek distinguished, technology magazine (6th issue, June 2005). Specifically, the magazine ran a comparative test among 12 e-banking services and 3 mobile banking services operated by Greek banks. 

The evaluation of each e-banking service was based on a quality review of 120 parameters, required quality rating of over 1,500 features and calculation in excess of 5,000. 

winbank internet and winbank mobile services were rated with 90.2 and 92.5 points, respectively. E-banking evaluation categories included "Initial registration and service activation procedures" (91 points for Piraeus Bank), "Web supported features" (94.6 points for Piraeus Bank), "Ease of use" (81.5 points for Piraeus Bank),"Security" (81.7 points for Piraeus Bank) and "Support" (98 points for Piraeus Bank). Email payment, allowing money transfers through credit card debiting, and winbank alert, informing users directly on issues of their interest in the way they choose, were two of the strengths that stood out among others. In the ''Security'' category, the use of extraPIN, an additional personal identification number, stood out for the increased security it provides.

Regarding m-banking evaluation, more than sixty features were rated for each m-banking application individually.

This is yet another distinction of winbank, Piraeus Bank's e-banking service, added to a long series of other awards. Through winbank, Piraeus Bank confirms once again its successful track-record and substantial involvement in the development of the digital economy on the Greek market. 

Athens, 02.06.05