piraeus bank group

Corporate Responsibility Principles

1. Corporate Governance Optimisation

  • Transparency in governance and operational structures procedures.
  • Adoption and realisation of best practices of governance and operation.
  • Symmetric and systematic information dissemination to the investment and business communities, media and NGOs.
  • Transparency in business partner and supplier evaluation and selection procedures.

2. Alignment of Business Targets with Social Progress and Solidarity

  • Effective customer service before and after product and service sales, with emphasis on the Bank’s consulting role.
  • Strengthening of entrepreneurial initiatives with the aim of promoting competitive fields with potential and prospects for growth.

3. Adoption of Best Workplace Practices

  • Development of a humane and responsible organisation, where competent, committed and inspired employees work collectively to lead the market through diversity, innovate by adding value and ensure the prosperity and sustainable development of the Group.

4. Harmonious Relationship with Social Partners

  • Returning part of the value generated by the Bank to its social partners within a strategically designed and systematic framework of social actions.

5. Promotions Culture

  • Active contribution to the promotion of Greece’s cultural identity through the creation, operation and maintenance of the network of thematic technological museums of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), which act as cultural focal points in the Greek regions, and by organizing scientific events and educational programmes for adults and minors.
  • Continued implementation of research programmes and publications relevant to the purposes of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP).
  • Safeguarding and highlighting of Piraeus Bank’s Historical Archive.
  • Provision of scientific advisory material to public and local community bodies and support in shaping cultural policies.
  • Operation of a specialized library.

6. Environment Protection Using Natural Resources Responsibly and Supporting Environmentally Beneficial Business Activities

  • Systematic support of green entrepreneurship through comprehensive services to customers. The Bank’s main concern is developing and supporting a wide range of green products and services.
  • Development of strategies to improve the Group’s environmental performance and reduce its operational environmental footprint.
  • Development of innovative solutions for business and biodiversity.
  • Development of evaluation tools and procedures to manage climate change risk.
  • Support to individuals and enterprises and preparation of market to better adapt t the effects of climate change.