piraeus bank group

Contribution to Life-long Learning

Programs for Schoolchildren

PIOP contributes to life-long learning by designing modern educational programs as well as by providing high-quality educational and printed material.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation provided educational programs to schools in Attica (primary and secondary education). The Educational programs of PIOP are designed in house by specialized scientists or archaeologists-museologists with specialization in Museum education, historians and specialists in information technology, on occasion in cooperation with external partners.

These programs which contribute to the enrichment and furtherance of the educational goals and are original and innovative, serve the educational and pedagogical purposes of the Curriculum by adding depth, broadening the pedagogical goals at all levels, promoting meaningful and scientifically-sound knowledge and suggesting relevant bibliography.

In the educational programs of PIOP, the recommended methodological techniques for students are adapted accordingly, so that they work in teams, depending on their inclinations and interests, while it is emphasized that the participation of students at all levels of the procedure is experiential-energetic, creative and not passive. The educational programs are offered free of charge and are implemented as educational visits of the students to the head offices of the Foundation, the Historical Archive, the Library and the Museums of the Network. The total number of participants in educational actions, in Athens, Thessaloniki and the Network Museums reached 25,288.

Adult Programs

PIOP’s policy on adult life-long learning relates to education, training and hands-on practice:

However, school groups are not the only target group of PIOP's educational activities. At the same time, looking at sensitive social groups, PIOP welcomes refugees who have already joined the schools' potential and maintains systematic cooperation with the School of Second Chance of Saints Anargyroi (OKANA).

The PIOP, in collaboration with university departments, provides the opportunity for practical training of young scientists to familiarize them with the operation of cultural management organizations under the supervision of experienced executives and to prepare them for the labor market.

In the framework of its strategy for continuous and lifelong learning, PIOP plans to provide new educational material and create an interactive portal for its direct communication with wider audiences.