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Contribution to Life-long Learning

Programs for Schoolchildren

PIOP contributes to life-long learning by designing modern educational programs as well as by providing high-quality educational and printed material. It is continuously enhancing the informative-educative dimension of the Museum Network with a multitude of educational means and new technologies in teaching. It performs educational programs connected to the thematology of each museum and which are targeted at forming an active bond between schools and museums. Particular emphasis is placed on the students’ experiential learning of tools, mechanisms and processes of technical culture, all of which have been of secondary importance in education to date. Students’ participation in these programs is constantly increasing. In 2011, 16 educational actions with the participation of 24,500 students were carried out. PIOP provided special educational folders to all schools having arranged a visit to any museum in its Network, thus preparing students and providing their teachers with the proper museum-educating tools.

Adult Programs

PIOP’s policy on adult life-long learning relates to education, training and hands-on practice: :

  • PIOP organizes adult training programs aimed mainly at primary and secondary school teachers. In 2011, 12 programs on museum and environmental education took place with the participation of 400 teachers.
  • At PIOP headquarters and in the framework of its contribution to life-long learning, an annual workshop on industrial heritage is conducted for 80 participants, who receive certification of 300 hours of training.
  • In collaboration with university departments, PIOP offers internships to young scientists, with the aim of familiarizing them with the operation of cultural management organizations under the supervision of experienced members, thus preparing them for the job market.
In the framework of its philosophy on continuing and life-long learning, PIOP is designing new educational material and creating an interactive portal for more direct communication with the public..