piraeus bank group

Provision of Scientific Support to the Academic and Research Community

A Library specialized in museum studies and the history of technology

Research work is an integral part of PIOP’s three fields of action research-exhibition-publication. This work is designed on an interdisciplinary basis and combined with the Foundation’s long-standing and specialized experience in specific thematic research results in the development of scientific innovation. The results of this research work are implemented in the creation of thematic technological museums, the enrichment of their collections, the organization of exhibitions, the publication of studies. The scientific data and the results of the research work are digitized. In this way, PIOP contributes to the promotion of this research on a national level, thus also contributing to the promotion of Greece abroad. With regard to topic selection, emphasis is placed on traditional technologies, the country’s natural resource management, material wealth and culture. Study of the most important sectors of the Greek economy is a priority, with an emphasis on local products and the specialized techniques on which the economy was based. PIOP also does research on topics linked to the industrial development of modern Greece. At the same time, a research program concerned with the history of Piraeus Bank is also being promoted.

A Library specialized in museum studies and the history of technology

With the aim of providing scientific support to the academic and research communities, PIOP created a library exclusively specialized in museum studies and history of technology, which offers researchers electronic access to its completed research findings below::
  • Information on technology through Archives and Libraries of Venice
  • The Technology of Greek Musical Instruments

Support of historical research

PIOP’s Historical Archive assists external researchers studying topics of economic and industrial archaeology as well as Piraeus Bank research for the completion of its historical archive. The Archive Library provides invaluable assistance to the researchers. PIOP’s Historical Archive consists of:

  • the complete archives of the former ETBAbank up to its absorption by Piraeus Bank in 2002,
  • 45 collections: historical archives of banks, organizations, businesses and individuals who were directly linked to Pirareus Group’s business activities.

Dissemination of Science and Knowledge

PIOP supports the research work of public organizations, local government agencies, local-social agencies, cultural agencies, young scientists and researchers by providing them with the knowledge it has acquired in culture topics. This support also includes cultural products, the organizing of actions, utilization of PIOP’s know-how on cultural management issues, and studies concerning its thematic actions. PIOP’s collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and with the Hellenic Section of The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage (TICCIH) is also of special significance.

The publication of work

PIOP’s publications cover a wide range of research fields. They are mainly in coordination with the Museum Network’s research programs that are in progress or have already been completed. The inclusion of new works in the Foundation’s Publication Series which already include 142 works, is aimed at covering a gap in research that exists in Greece in the fields of the history of technology, industrial archaeology and economic history. At the same time, Foundation publications, which were sold out yet are useful in modern historiography, are reprinted.

PIOP’s publications are widely acknowledged in the scientific community and are often selected as university textbooks while there are also publications with more popularized orientation. The publication of a significant 5-volume work on the Greek was recently completed. Other publications include: monographies, Three-Day Workshop Proceedings, manuals on museology and museum studies, science and technology manuals, museum and cultural guides, fairy tales, reprinting of sold-out Foundation publications and educational folders. Many Foundation publications enrich the libraries of schools, municipalities, and public ones all over Greece.