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Environmental Communication & Education

Informing and raising awareness among staff and the public in general with respect to environmental issues is a priority for Piraeus Bank. Managerial measures alone are not sufficient enough to improve the Bank's environmental performance. Educating and raising awareness among employees is a primary requirement.


Environmental education of the Human Resources of Piraeus Bank Group takes place on two levels. The first one is general, with e-learning programs that describe basic environmental terminology and the Bank’s environmental work. On the second level, education is more specialized and it concerns green entrepreneurship, the Bank’s green products and the Environmental Management System procedures in accordance with EMAS. In conclusion, over 70% of Bank employees have participated in at least two training activities on the environment and green banking in the last two years.

Green News

Αt the beginning of year 2008, the presentation of "Green News" on the Group's intranet started, where selected brief news items are posted referring to climate change, the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as to Renewable Energy Sources, green business, sustainable development and green banking.

Environmental Awareness

In the framework of the two-year research on Bank employee environmental behavior, a relevant questionnaire can be voluntarily completed, the results of which are analyzed by the Ecological Recycling Society. Through the environmental awareness programs, the average employee environmental performance rose from 5.8 in 2007 to 6.3 in 2009 and 6.8 in 2011 (on a scale of 1-10).


Information and results of environmental initiatives are communicated through regular presentations in the Bank's newsletter (winners), which is distributed to all employees. In 2009, a three year calendar was issued, including weekly tips on how to improve daily environmental behaviours, and was distributed to employees and selected stakeholders. In 2009 the first "Corporate Environmental Report" was issued presenting in detail the Bank's environmental achievements for the period 2007-2009. The "Guide of Green Practices for Enterprises" was distributed to 75,000 small and medium enterprises with a personal letter from the Chairman of Piraeus Bank Group. In 2011, it the framework of climabiz project, a report entitled "Greek Businesses and Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities" was issued. The report aims at informing the Greek business sector on the impacts climate change has on the Greek economy. The report is being distributed to companies and other stakeholders. In 2011, in the context of the same project, a study was released on the opportunities arising from climate change for businesses in Greece. The study is entitled "Climate Change and Business Opportunities" and investigates the business sectors in Greece that may benefit either directly from the physical impacts of climate change or from changes in legislation.

External Communication

In February 2011, Piraeus Bank created the “Think Green” platform, with direct internet link. With presence in the most popular networks, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr environmentally aware users can communicate on this platform. Its success with the wider public is attested by the 13,000 friends it has gathered on Facebook in one year.

Moreover, the web site climabiz.gr is continually renewed with the progress of the European climabiz project. The Green Banking portal (greenbanking portal),was created in the framework of the climabiz project for the presentation of the practices being implemented by institutions and /or businesses on the reduction of their environmental footprint as well as for the presentation of businesses producing/selling products or providing services included in green entrepreneurship.

Cooperation with Civil Society

Piraeus Bank has developed strategic alliances with civil society for the protection of biodiversity and the environment. Within this framework, it has a long-standing co-operation with the environmental organisation MOm for the protection of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal. Piraeus Bank has also supported the activities of ARCHELON, the Hellenic Ornithological Society, Callisto and the Ecological Recycling Society, while the Bank's partnership with WWF Greece for the implementation of the European climabiz project are all proof of the systematic collaboration that Piraeus Bank pursues to have with civil society. Furthermore, Piraeus Bank has started a separate collaboration with the Social Cooperative (Limited Liability) "Klimax plus" for the collection of paper to be recycled in Attica. This collaboration, apart from contributing to the achievement of its environmental goals, is also part of the Bank's policy to support disadvantaged social groups, as well as the organisations that are involved in the rehabilitation of these groups.