piraeus bank group

Insurance Solutions

Piraeus Bank Group offers small businesses owners a wide range insurance solutions that cover all aspects of their business activities: their personnel, their premises and their business equipment.

Insurance Brokerage

  • Group insurance for employees
  • Business equipment insurance
  • Business premises insurance: offices, shops, hotels, industrial facilities
  • Liability, Personal Accident and other general Insurance
  • Insurance for particular social groups, students, athletes
  • Advisory services concerning business insurance

Academic events

PIOP organizes a multitude of academic events both at its headquarters in Athens and at its Network museums. These events focus on recording and promoting industrial heritage and in-depth study of the techno-economic aspects of modern Greek society. The organization of these events is realized in collaboration with universities, scientific organizations and/or local agencies. One of PIOP’s scientific events is the organization of the “Three-day Working Meetings” dedicated to the basic sectors of traditional technology and economy. These events are aimed one the one hand at developing creative, cultural relations among the research institutions concerned with promoting historical research on the economy and technology and on the other at the exchange of knowledge with agencies and enterprises seeking historical prominence of the actions in their field.

In this manner::
  • the connection between historical research and modern economic life is achieved,
  • historic research in the field of basic food and export Greek products is promoted
  • a collection of information and visual material which documents the history of each production field is compiled, and
  • the results of all the studies are made available to anyone interested, as PIOP edits and publishes their Proceedings.