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Monthly Review of the Shipping Industry – April 2015

  • summary presentation of the study on tramp shipping (general points, organization and structure, shipping pools, information availability)
  • access of coastal countries to the global network of liner shipping
  • studying the construction of ships and boats with regards to the industrial production index
  • the global shipbuilding centre has shifted to countries in the Far East
  • China retains its primacy as a shipbuilder
  • decrease of 2.4% in Feb.’15 in the number of ships which are registered in Greece, but partial improvement based on their age
  • increase of 0.5% in Feb.’15 in the tonnage of ships which are registered in Greece, but partial improvement based on their age
  • the deficit in the balance of ships decreased in Feb.’15 by €75.7 mn YoY and amounted to -€96,9 mn; for the period Jan.’15 - Feb.’15 the deficit in the balance of ships decreased by €188.2 mn YoY and amounted to -€155.8 mn
  • the surplus in the maritime transport balance increased by €184.3 mn during the 4th quarter, compared with the 4th quarter of ’13, reaching €2.1 bn. In 2014 the surplus amounted to €8.6 bn
  • the turnover index for waterway transport increased by 0.7% YoY during the 4th quarter of ’14; in 2014 the index decreased by -8.2% YoY
  • in Feb.’15 the bank financing of shipping companies reached €14.2 bn
  • decrease of Greek exports to China by 33.4% (-€139.5 mn) in 2014 and increase of Greek imports from China by 13.6% (€298.3 mn)
  • the price of iron ore fell to its lowest level since the beginning of the economic crisis
  • the floods in the north of Argentina in Feb.’15 reduced soybean production; in the same month, a decrease was recorded in soybean exports from Brazil due to the large-scale strike by truck drivers
  • in Indonesia the volume of coal production and exports is expected to be more than double that of 2007
  • the shipping container performance index fell from 123.2 units in Dec.’14 to 123.1 units in Jan.’15
  • the world trade volume index rose more slowly in Jan.’15 YoY (2.3% Jan.’14: 3.1%)
  • in early March Lithuania joined the Athens Convention relating to the "carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea"


Ilias Lekkos

Group Chief Economist


Dimitris Gavalas

Junior Economic Analyst

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