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Piraeus Bank Financial Institutions Assessment Model: an update

The aim of this report is to provide an update to both the methodology behind and more importantly the latest results of our Financial Institutions Assessment Model, which is used by Piraeus Bank to assess the financial strength, balance-sheet quality and capital adequacy of a large number of -mostly European- financial institutions.

Just as a recap, the methodology developed allows shortlisting the “preferred” financial institutions and ranking them each year from “best” to “worst”.

Having created the shortlist, the findings can be further used for the following three purposes:

  • o To select fixed income instruments issued by the shortlisted institutions to be included in Piraeus Bank’s fixed income investment strategy
  • o To use this shortlist as a starting point for the equity selection process of the above financial institutions

And last but not least, to evaluate current and potential counterparties for the wholesale banking division.