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Results of the exercise of titles representing share ownership rights (Warrants) – 1st Exercise (02/01/2014)

Further  to  the  announcement  of  PIRAEUS  BANK  S.A. (hereinafter  “the  Bank”)  dated 20.12.2013 regarding the exercise process of the titles representing share ownership rights (hereinafter the “Warrants”), the Bank announces that following the settlement of participation orders, 603,280 Warrants  in total on shares issued by the Bank and owned by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) have been exercised. The exercised Warrants correspond to 2,700,125 common shares, i.e. to 0.053% of the total share capital, increasing commensurately the Bank’s free float. The total consideration paid by the Warrant holders to the HFSF amounts to EUR 4,682,016.74.

Accordingly, the issued Warrants currently outstanding now amount to 848,591,850 and correspond to 4,106,340,039 shares of the Bank owned by the HFSF, as detailed in the table below:

No fractional balances have arisen from the 1st exercise.

Athens, 08 January 2014

All data and information herein are provided solely for the purposes of information and compliance with legal obligations of Piraeus Bank and do not, in any way, constitute provision of investment advice or invitation for investment in the above mentioned securities. Certain of the information contained herein regarding the warrants are based on the current legislative framework which may change in the future. Piraeus Bank does not assume any liability for any changes in the legislative framework governing the Warrants.
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